Municipal affairs by director paul bottos

Looking back at 2018

The 2018 Municipal election took place on October 22, 2018. Cottagers voted online or in person at the Township office in Flinton or at the library in Denbigh.

The results of the Municipal Election for Addington Highlands are as follows:

Reeve: Henry Hogg 

Councillors, Ward 1: Tony Fritsch, Kirby Thompson

Councillors, Ward 2: David Miles, Helen Yanch

Looking back at 2017

The following are developments which have transpired in regards to Municipal Affairs during the 2017 year. Should anyone have any interest in the noted issues or have any other issues which may be of interest or concern, please do not hesitate to contact the LWCA in order that same may be raised and discussed. 

Paul Bottos – LWCA Director for Municipal Affairs

Cottage Numbers

In the event that you require replacement cottage number or require a new cottage number to be assigned, please contact the LWCA as we work with the Township for the purposes of assigning numbers. Roadside numbers are assigned directly by the Township and you should contact the Township directly with respect to them.

The Township has indicated that it is currently in discussions with County representatives and others so as to possibly amend or alter this process and/or change the cottage numbers for the lake and that a proposed new by-law has been circulated for review and comment. The LWCA will continue to monitor progress on this, and provide input. Should you require a cottage number please contact the Township and the LWCA.

Development on the Lake

The LWCA continues to receive copies of development applications in and surrounding the lake. The LWCA looks forward to the continued receipt of this information from the Township. For example, following concerns expressed to the LWCA at the AGM in August 2017 regarding the expansion of Hartsmere Road along the north shore of the lake, the LWCA contacted both the Township and The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to inquire as to whether or not the proper procedures/permits were followed in regards to the works carried out. The Township and the Ministry both advised that they would be investigating the matter as they indicated that they were not aware of the extent of the work(s) carried out.

Algonquin Land Claim

The Province has continued to move forward with respect to the Agreement of Principle in regards to the Algonquin Land Claim and issued a draft Environmental Evaluation Report in regards to the proposed settlement lands (two of which are located on Weslemkoon Lake). The LWCA emailed members a copy of the Notice of Opportunity to comment on the draft Environmental Evaluation Report, together with notice of various public open houses regarding the report. The draft Environmental Report can be found on our website under the News link. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) invited comments to be provided up until October 17, 2017 and advised that all comments received during the notice period would be considered in the preparation of the final Environmental Evaluation Report which will be released for final public inspection at a future point.

Municipal Representatives and Contact Information

Reeve: Henry Hogg

Councillor: Ward 1:     Tony Fritsch

Councillor Ward 1:      Kirby Thompson

Councillor Ward 2 (and Deputy Reeve): Helen Yanch

Councillor: Ward 2:     Bill Cox

72 Edwards Street
P.O Box 89
Flinton, Ontario
K0H 1P0
Telephone:      (613) 336-2286
Fascimile:      (613) 336-2847