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As an active, volunteer led organization, the LWCA has much to offer our members and others who call Lake Weslemkoon their home. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.


The LWCA is committed to protecting the terrestrial and aquatic environment of Lake Weslemkoon. Membership funds support the following volunteer led programs.Click on each image to learn more.

Water Quality


Maintaining  the high quality of our water is one of our highest priorities. Testing, monitoring, and historical data analysis helps us to identify problems so we can keep our cottagers and wildlife safe.

Forestry and Trails


We liase with MNR and other agencies to promote sound forestry practices on lands adjacent to Weslemkoon and Otter Lakes. Our loyal volunteers keep our trails clean and safe for hiking. 

Water Levels


In cooperation with the MNR we foster effective water level management practices.



Proper septic maintenance is essential to a healthy watershed. We provide educational resources on how to care for your septics system, and organize group septic pumping. 

Environmental Fund


We maintain an Environmental Fund for use on projects that are agreed upon by our members. 

Cottager and Social Initiatives

The LWCA provides the following programs and services. Click on each to find out more. 

Custodial Visits


Off season Custodial Cottage Visits provide peace of mind to our members that their cottage is damage free during the winters. 

Youth Engagement


Our JR Loons programs provide opportunities for kids to learn abut the lake and form life long friendships.  Our Lake Stewards programs allows youth to gain volunteer hours while promoting conservation efforts. 

Municipal Engagement


By liasing with municipal and provincial agencies on issues that affect property owners we are able to provide valuable information to all.

Shoal Markers


We install and maintain the marker lights and buoys on Weslemkoon and Otter Lakes so that our cottagers and guests can boat safely.

Social Activities


Our annual AGM is a great day packed with activities, information, and opportunities to meet other cottagers. Other activities that we are involved in include the Labour Day Treasure Hunt and Sailing Regatta.

Communication and Education


Educational materials and campaigns on topics such as safe boating, lake maps, the Loon Call Newsletter, blog posts, email updates, Instagram, Facebook and this website are all ways that we keep our cottagers informed. 

2020 Board of Directors

Alison Myles - Loon Call Editor

Bruce Magee - Forestry & Trails

Carol Bell - Secretary

Carolyn Calhoun - Membership

Diane Morden - Finances

Ian Mackenzie - Water Quality

Janice Mackenzie - Communications

Ken Senter - Past President

Patty Milne - President

Paul Bottos - Municipal Affairs

Steve Latto - Water Levels, Markers, Cutodial

Melissa Tervit - Vice President

Love our Community? Volunteer with us!

It takes a lot of energy and many hands to provide the programs and services that the LWCA offers. We are currently seeking people to fill the following roles on the Board of Directors:

  • Septics - provide up to date information to the members and organize bi-annual septic pumping
  • Loon Call Editor - assist the current editor to produce the annual newsletter

We would love assistance in other areas as well, from trail clearing to blog writing.

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